President’s Message


PRESIDENT, Guru Nanak Education Trust

In the early part of the twentieth century, the architects of the Constitution of India visualized and concluded that the education system has to be a powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural transformation necessary for the realization of India’s national goals. Their dream then was to develop an education system that would increase national productivity, achieve social & national integration, accelerate the process of modernization and cultivate social, moral and spiritual values.

In present scenario there are a large number of institutions imparting technical education. But we have observed that at the same time it is more important to create a good human being, acceptable to society.
The values that govern our institution are: quality, transparency, integrity, service, respect, innovation, consultation, and whole-life excellence. As the President, I am feeling delighted to exchange my thoughts with you.

Vice-President’s Message


Vice President, Guru Nanak Education Trust

The college is a place of grooming of our future leaders. Every student has a genius spark, an inherent strength of his/her own, diligence, galore & an unexplored capability, which has to be focused & shaped as per the dreams of the students and requirement of the hour. A number of innovative programmes are organized in the campus which help to broaden perspective of the students and also help in breeding a new generation of prosperous India with new vision, aspiration and attitude. We are thus, the firm believers of imparting quality education accompanied with moral values. We implant the tendency of combating with the challenges of the world & lite carrying a conquering attitude. We, along with our students are committed towards the parents and foremost towards our Nation.

General Secretary’s Message


Gurvinder singh rana

Gen.Secretary, Guru Nanak Education Trust

The academic success of our students will put the college on the path towards ‘Greatness’. We plan to continue this journey with you all in this historical educational institution. In order to provide a quality education we promote a safe, welcoming and academic environment for the students. We strive to provide the best educational experience possible that will provide them the skills necessary for a productive future. Our students compete with the students across the globe and this deserve a world class status. As a member of management committee we are here to support all of you by necessary means to ensure that you reach your fullest academic potential. I look forward to encountering highly intensive and challenging academic programme that will push you to work beyond your limits.

Vice Chairman’s Message


Bhajan Singh Walia

Vice Chairman, Guru Nanak Institue of Higher Education

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking leads to knowledge and knowledge makes you competent.”

I heartily welcome all the new entrants to thier new voyage of education at Guru Nanak Institute of Higher Education, a place which is known for its quality education, knowledge enhancement, learning procedures and excellent work culture. An optimistic outlook and channelized energy is all what is needed to prove oneself. At GNIHE, we believe in all round development of our students. The interdisciplinary courses will facilitate students with the intellectual growth and at the same will expose them to the global world. The team of well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty is always committed to guide the students and show them the correct path to success.