Established in 1919 under Guru Nanak Education Trust with the aim of developing an education system that would enhance national productivity, achieve social & national integration and cultivate moral and cultural values, is pleased to announce an Online Essay Writing Competition for class XII students with the objective of igniting the minds of younger generation and to bring out their thought process. We invite all talented students of class XII of your school to take part in it. This is one from the series of upcoming competitions at our place where we provide a platform to nurture the talent to learn ethical values and life skills.The hidden motive behind organizing essay writing competition is to encourage a creative flow that can help students use their imaginations, explore possibilities, delve into problem solving, and engage in storytelling. In addition to “serious” writing assignments which are reviewed and graded, it is important to assign “free” or “creative” writing time, so that students can explore vocabulary, concepts, and writing styles with innovative ideas. The ultimate goal of this competition is to develop an understanding of the students to connect with their history, environment and contemporary world in which they live and be empathetic human beings and smart citizens. We look forward to a whole hearted participation from your school. The details of the competition have been enclosed as PDF for your perusal. Kindly check for your convenience..